Powerful Offline Crypto Platform

We’re building the First Offline Crypto platform , giving you the freedom to send , receive, swap, trade your Coins without internet connexion

Quick Access
Instant Swap
Concrete Security
On-Off Wallet

Instant access to billions of mobile phones

The new Cryptocurrency platform that trades without internet connectivity. The location, status, and internet connectivity charges will no longer matter.

How It Works

Offline.exchange is a crypto project that aims to expand blockchain adoption by making crypto transactions offline.

Modern, Powerful and Creative

First of all, users will be provided with a virtual phone number representing their crypto wallet. So when you send cryptos to a phone number, you actually send them directly into an account.

The transaction is done instantly, and you have two options to do it – you either call the IVR SYSTEM or just send a message. It depends on how extrovert you are and what kind of phone you use.


Virtual Number

Use The Virtual Phone Number as a Wallet to receive or send Crypto .

Cloud Phone

A Cloud Phone Service to send SMS or Receive online call

Quick Access

Instant access to billions of mobile phones


The best way to swap any cryptocurrency Without internet connection.


Send or Trade cryptocurrencies over SMS.


Our Phone Number +1573-OFFLINE Can Turn your MMS into NFT

Auto Swap

AutoSwap Enables Users To Swap Crypto At A Limit Price Or Better

Fast Support

A friendly and 24/7 customer service team


Do even more with Offline.exchange

This new kit is produced to help Offline.Exchange users to Check wallet balance , transactions history , Swap , Send , Receive, crypto all over the world without internet connection. Concept will be ready in Q2 / 2022

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